11 August 2010

Food Thief

Mocha still not used to be a house cat, he ate like mad!!! ( mummy and daddy said I was like that when I first came, but I've calmed down a lot )

Mummy gave us lunch at the same time, Mocha finished his bowl in 2 minutes and came into the house. When he was being my shadow he found MY food, unfinished of course! ( I like to save some for later)

What?! You havn't finished your food?
Let me help you
Ummm... more food...
Mummy... help.....


  1. Ohh Samson, don't worry. Mocha will calm down in time! Our new brother Yuji was a stray and he eats like a hoover. purrrr

    We love your blog! You should post your posts on the Cat Blogosphere!
    All you have to do is post a link to your blog each day with titles. And you can visit all the kitties too! Purrrr

  2. Thank you Keiko for your information! I'm looking forward to visit other kitties!!!