25 October 2010

Update from Mocha

Hi everyone,

Long time no see! This is Mocha, how is everybody?
I'm well enough to post now! Yay

Let me give you some update of what we were doing recently....
We apologize for disappearing for almost 2 months! Mummy start working about 2 months ago and she's just being very lazy of keeping our kitty furiends updated.
Beside she doesn't have time taking photos of us.... humph!

Brother Samson still a little afraid of me and I'm still a little afraid of Mummy and aunty Sara.  But I've already recovered from that nasty car accident, now I can walk/run/and jump just fine now! Thank you all for your puuurrayers.

Take care furiends,
Mocha (meow)

22 August 2010

Mummy, Mocha is copying me again

Mummy! I was just trying to sleep and why is Mocha copying me again?!

21 August 2010


I'm inspired by this dog

whom my mummy met a few weeks ago in New Zealand at this place :

14 August 2010

My Mummy sneakily found out this

My mummy was browsing on other kitty furiend's blog and sneakily did a quiz. She found out my plan!!!
I better be more careful next time....

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

12 August 2010

Mocha is being annoying

Mocha is really annoying! He doesn't understand what "leave me alone" means.
After ignoring my warnings, I decided to give him some lessons.....

11 August 2010

Food Thief

Mocha still not used to be a house cat, he ate like mad!!! ( mummy and daddy said I was like that when I first came, but I've calmed down a lot )

Mummy gave us lunch at the same time, Mocha finished his bowl in 2 minutes and came into the house. When he was being my shadow he found MY food, unfinished of course! ( I like to save some for later)

What?! You havn't finished your food?
Let me help you
Ummm... more food...
Mummy... help.....

I've got a copy cat!

This new cat Mocha turned out to be a COPY CAT! He COPIED me everything!!!! And he's my SHADOW!!!! Noooooooooooo............ Stop copying me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umm..... my space

Ummm...copying Samson

This is really annoying! He just followed me everywhere ... Mummy help......

Mummy!! Tell him to leave me alone!!!

From Mum: Mocha really likes you, he just want to learn from you how to live with people! Besides he's really making an effort to recover! he can stand up for a few seconds now and walk 2 steps just to keep up with you! I know you'll be a good brother! pat pat pat...